Primary Regulations

License Hunting License and Upland Game Bird Validation
Date Oct. 6 - Jan. 31, 2019
Bag limit 10
When hour See Oregon Game Bird Regulations for Daily Legal Shooting Hours.
Method Game Birds may be taken by Shotgun, Recurve Bow, Long Bow, or Compound Bow. Unlawful to use Decoys or Calls, Trespass, use Aircraft, Boats, Drones, Motorized Vehicles, Bait or Disguise the Sex.
Possession limit 30
[Bag Limit] Bobwhite quail may be taken as part of the California quail bag limit. [License] Falconers must possess a valid falconry license, an Oregon hunting license and all applicable permits, validations and stamps for wildlife they will be hunting. [Place] All counties east of the summit of the Cascades, including all of Klamath and Hood River counties. [Place] It is unlawful to: (a) Hunt on any refuge closed by state or federal government. (b) Hunt within corporate limits of any city or town, public park or cemetery; or on any campus or grounds of a public school, college, or university. (c) Hunt or shoot from or across a public Rd, Rd right-of-way or railroad right-of-way, except persons legally hunting on Rds closed to use of motor vehicles by the public. (d) Hunt in any safety zones created and posted by ODFW. [Method] Shotgun: A smooth bore firearm, including muzzleloaders, designed for firing birdshot and intended to be fired from the shoulder, with a barrel length of 18 inches or more, with an overall length of 26 inches or more. (a) No one may hunt game birds with a shotgun larger than 10 gauge. (b) No one may hunt game birds with a shotgun which can hold more than three shells. [Method] Shot Restrictions: (a) Any shot larger than BB may not be used to hunt game birds except for steel shot size no larger than F. (b) Toxic shot restrictions are listed where appropriate under federal refuges, state refuges, state WAs and regulated hunt areas. In addition, the possession and use of shot other than federally-approved nontoxic shot is always prohibited while hunting waterfowl, snipe and coots. Coatings of copper, nickel, tin, zinc, zinc chloride and zinc chrome on approved nontoxic shot types are approved. [Method] Archery: (a) There are no restrictions on the type of arrows or broadheads which may be used to hunt game birds. (b) Hunters may not use any electronic device(s) attached to bow or arrow, except lighted arrow nocks that have no function other than to increase visibility of the arrow are allowed. [Method] It is unlawful to disguise the sex or kind of any wildlife while in the field or in transit from the field. The head or one fully feathered wing must be left attached to all game birds in the field or while in transit to the place of permanent residence of the possessor.

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